FIFA props Tanzania's sports project

Dar es Salaam- Tanzania (PANA) -- The Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) has set aside 400,000 US dollars towards the construction of a sports complex in Tanzania starting July, a FIFA official said Friday.
The project in Dar es Salaam and would include such sports facilities as a clinic, gym, dinning hall, TV room, swimming pool, a modern pitch and a 20-room hostel capable of hosting 40 players.
FIFA's development officer for eastern and southern Africa, Ashford Mamelodi, said the project is geared at promoting soccer among Tanzanian youths.
At its annual congress to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 4 July FIFA would approve proposals for the project, Mamelodi said.
FIFA has also shown its willingness to admit Zanzibar as one of its members after the Confederation of African Football discusses the admission application.
In a bid to promote its image in international soccer Zanzibar, which is part of the United Republic of Tanzania, has decided to seek FIFA membership to escape dominance in football administration by Mainland Tanzania.

27 april 2001 14:32:00

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