Female pilot gets top aviation post

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- The empowerment of women, particularly black women, remains a priority for the South African government, transport minister Dullah Omar said following the appointment of Sakhile Nyoni as new general manager of operations for the South Africa Civil Aviation Authority.
Omar said the appointment clearly demonstrated government's commitment to empower women, particularly those coming from the historically disadvantaged communities.
Nyoni, who obtained her Airline Transport pilot licence from Britain's Air University in Scotland and attended a Captains course in Oxford in the UK, flew as a line pilot at Air Botswana from 1988 to 1997 during which time she served as a captain and later as a training captain.
Omar expressed excitement about the entry of black women into the aviation industry, which is still dominated by white males.
"I have found that the issue of the lack of representativity is not necessarily confined to the aviation industry.
I mention the maritime industry as one case in point where we face similar challenges", Omar said.

31 may 2001 09:42:00

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