Federal Govt To Strengthen Security In Lagos

Lagos- Nigeria (PANA) -- Nigeria's federal government, in cooperation with Lagos State, is to strengthen security in the country's economic hub of Lagos, which has lately been in the stranglehold of armed robbery and other violent crimes.
The decision to scale up security in the state followed a meeting between President Olusegun Obasanjo and Lagos Governor Bola Tinubu in Abuja Thursday.
The closed-door meeting, which lasted about three hours, was also attended by National Security Adviser Mohammed Gusau, Police Inspector-General Musiliu Smith and Lagos Police Commissioner Mike Okiro, among others.
Speaking after the meeting, Tinubu said the federal government assured that it would assist the state in its efforts to combat crime, especially in equipping the police in the state command to enhance their effectiveness.
"It was very, very successful.
It was about the security issue in Lagos and the assistance necessary to beef up security in Lagos State," Tinubu said.
He did not give details of the measures agreed upon.
Violent crimes, which seemed to have decreased when the government ordered a joint police-military patrol of the state last year, have been on the upswing since the beginning of this year, leading to calls on the state and federal government to evolve new deterrent measures.
Tinubu has consistently complained that the state of about 10 million people is grossly under-policed and called for the establishment of state police to enhance efforts to combat crime.
Okiro recently blamed the rising crime wave on the action of judges whom he said, had released 60 notorious armed robbery suspects from Ikoyi prisons in Lagos.
The Police Commissioner told journalists that those released included suspected killers of former Sports Minister Anthony Ikhazaoboh in 1999 and airline captain Hadiza Lantana Oboh in 1998.
"In spite of the gravity of the offence committed by these hoodlums, the High Court went ahead to release the accused persons on bail," Okiro complained.
"The police have since not been able to re-arrest the fleeing suspects.

04 مايو 2001 13:28:00

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