FBI joins Kenya blast probe

Nairobi, Kenya (PANA) - Kenyan police officers investigating Monday's bomb attack in Nairobi, the capital, have been joined by their American counterparts drawn from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), PANA reported from here.

The blast, suspected to be the work of terrorists linked to Somalia's outlawed group, Al Shabab, partially ripped off the roof of a one-storey shopping mall along the Moi Avenue in Nairobi's central Business District.

A good number of the victims were women, who owned stalls selling men's, women's clothes, shoes and other accessories.

Police said the explosive used in the heinous attack that left 33 people injured was made of fertilizer.

Earlier on Monday, different arms of the government appeared to differ on the cause of the blast, while Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere attributed it to an electric fault, Prime Minister Raila Odinga pointed accusing fingers at Al Shabab, whom he said have been hostile to Kenya since it dispatched troops to Somalia to crush the terrorist group.

Odinga said the terrorists were bound to fail as Kenya is enhancing security and will deal firmly with them.

The terrorist group, opposed to the Somali Federal Transition Government (TSG), used to attack and hijack marine vessels, including ships along the Kenyan and Somali coastline.

They also mounted attacks on Kenyan coastal city of Malindi and Lamu, at times kidnapping tourists and demanding ransom. They also mounted attacks on towns in north eastern Kenya.

Kenya got fed up with what was amounting to economic sabotage, targeting the tourism sector and sent the army to crush the terrorists deep inside Somalia.

The African Union has taken charge of the operation with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) now fighting alongside Kenyan forces.

Police sources say initial analysis of the debris and other materials at the site has shown traces of ammonium nitrate, which makes explosives.

The investigators sifted through debris at the blast scene Tuesday.

Some eyewitnesses said the blast rocked the building after a man threw a bag on the floor as he dashed out of the building.
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