Experts want nutrition Institute in Nigeria

  Lagos- Nigeria (PANA) -- Nutritionists in Nigeria have called for the establishment of an institute to address nutrition problems in the country.
   In a communique after last week's conference in Lagos, the Nutrition Society of Nigeria said such an institute would help to alleviate major nutritional problems, including protein-energy malnutrition, micro-nutrient deficiencies and intra-uterine malnutrition.
  Nigeria, where malnutrition contributes to 52 percent of death among children under five years, recently launched a food and nutrition policy.
   Statistics show that Vitamin A deficiency rates are higher than 16 percent in some regions of the country, while anaemia affects 25 percent of women of reproductive age and only 17 percent of infants under six months are exclusively breast-fed in the first six months of their existence.
   But officials said the country has achieved 98 percent salt iodisation, while large scale fortification of flour with Vitamin A has commenced across the country.

09 décembre 2002 17:16:00

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