Experts study prospects of peacekeeping in Burundi

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- African military experts supporting the peace process in Burundi have assessed the possibility of deploying a foreign peace keeping force in the country, according to Defence Minister Cyrille Ndayirukiye.
The 14 experts from Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria and South Africa arrived in Bujumbura last Sunday and promptly established contacts with their counterparts and local authorities on the peacekeeping operations that would help end the eight-year long civil war in Burundi.
Ndayirukiye said the specialists collected enormous security and socio-economic information on which a report would be presented to Nelson Mandela, mediator in the Burundi conflict.
He is expected to use the report to urge countries that are willing to participate in peacekeeping in Burundi to provide the necessary force, likely to comprise 5,000 troops.
Meanwhile, Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria and South Africa have expressed willingness to contribute troops to the proposed peacekeeping mission.

01 october 2001 14:26:00

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