Exhibition on war in Mali, DR Congo opens

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - An exhibition showing the atrocities of the war in northern Mali  and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) has opened in the main hall of the new headquarters of the African Union (AU) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,.

The exhibition was declared open Wednesday evening by AU's Peace and Security Commissioner Ramtane Lamamra.

Jointly organised by the international NGO OXFAM and the AU Commission, the exhibition features photographs of women and children fleeing from the wars, with their luggage on their heads.

Images depicting daily life in refugee camps and the destruction of mausoleums by islamists in northern Mali are also on display.

"Images from the eastern part of DR Congo are sufficiently graphic. They translate the tragedy the populations are experiencing. There is no better testimonial to sensitise public opinion than these photos,''  said Emmanuel Kabengele of the national network for the reform of the security and justice sector (RRSSJ).

For Irungu Houghton, the Director, Pan African policies in OXFAM, the exhibition, which will last till 29 January, will help sensitise African decision-makers and the public to the consequences of armed conflicts.

24 يناير 2013 15:34:46

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