Ex-slave post Ouidah to host Recordia festival

Cotonou- Benin (PANA) -- Ouidah, a former slave trade post in Benin, will Saturday host the 2006 festival of the Reunion of Ouidah Communities and Regions with the Diaspora (Recordia), organisers said here Friday.
The festival is intended to bring together the various ethnic communities and their peoples scattered around the world to this town, which "does not benefit from the attention necessary for its development," the organisers said.
The festival will also allow each Recordia components to "get back to its origin, better own its culture and deal with the development issues of the historic city.
" In addition to the cultural events, Recordia will serve as a forum for a weeklong exchange on the development of this area.
The various communities, notably the Creoles, Haoussas, Batombus, Fons, Guins, Nagos and Yorubas, will dialogue to develop their culture and make themselves better known.
The festival seeks to draw the attention of the international community and Beninese leaders to this historic city, which, though it was the point of departure of more slaves than Goree Island (Senegal), is totally forgotten, the organisers said.

04 أغسطس 2006 22:20:00

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