Ex-Ivorian rebels explain failure of pre-grouping

  Abidjan- Cote d'Ivoire (PANA) -- The Chief of staff of former Ivorian Aremed Forces of the New Forces (FAFN), Brig.
Soumaila Bakayoko, explained that President Laurent Gbagbo's inability to abide by the Linas Marcoussis agreement caused the failure of the pre-assembly exercise by former fighters in the country's armed conflict.
NF's secretary general Guillaume Soro recently promoted Bakayoko from colonel to brigadier.
   In an article published by the privately owned daily "24" on Wednesday, Soumaila Bakayoko stressed that the former fighters could have only started regrouping on 31 July if Gbagbo had on 15 July adopted the laws emanating from Linas-Marcoussis and Pretoria agreements.
   "This was not the case," he deplored, adding that the hitches in passing the laws related to nationality and identification were other reasons that caused a temporary halt in the DDR process.
   He indicated that the political aspect must be fulfilled before the take off of the DDR process since the military technical aspects contained in the Linas-Marcousssis accord have been confirmed by the Pretoria declaration.
   The FN chief of staff of the former Ivorian rebellion also said that a 20-member military monitoring committee formed by the FN and Defence and Security Forces (FDS) will be in charged with the creation of a new Ivorian national army, among other missions.
    Reacting to the the recent armed attacks against Anyama and Agboville, respectively 22 and 79 km north of Abidjan, in the government-controlled area, the senior rebel military commander affirmed that his counterparts in the Ivorian government army did mot accuse FN fighters of taking part in the military assault.
   "The loyalist army conceds that it has never accused the New Forces," Brig.
Bakayoko said.
   A meeting of senior FN and FDS commanders scheduled in Abidjan on 28 July, three days before the beginning of pre-assembly of fighters failed to materialise.

04 august 2005 11:37:00

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