European Union to bolster cooperation with Morocco on migration and security

Athens, Greece (PANA) - The European Union has reemphasized the importance of cooperation with Morocco in the field of migration and security.

"The European Union and Morocco are in regular contact to strengthen their cooperation on migration and security," said European Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos as quoted by Greek media on Sunday.

The EU official also highlighted the quality of cooperation between Morocco and Spain in the same areas.

"Spain and Morocco are cooperating continuously and closely in the field of border control in order to reduce the number of illegal crossings and the risk of potential terrorist infiltration," he said.

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency coordinates the joint operation, Indalo, which provides constant surveillance and patrols in the Mediterranean and helps prevent illegal immigration and cross-border crime.

Avramopoulos who visited Spain in August to discuss the increase in irregular migrant arrivals in the Mediterranean told Elpais newspaper that "Morocco is also under pressure, and I understand how the Moroccan government feels. Spain is the country that has recommended that we take this situation very seriously, and we aim to offer Morocco our support.

"Morocco needs additional financing and we aim to provide it very, very soon. I visited Morocco in May, and in July we pledged to mobilize a further €55 million to help the coast guards in Morocco and Tunisia. However, we know that even more than that is required. That is why we are committed to increasing the funding this coming fall, and again in 2019," he added.

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