Ethiopian president accused of anti-democratic ways

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- The central committee and cadres of OPDO have decided to expel Ethiopian President Negasso Gidada from the organisation, accusing him of using anti- democratic ways to distract its activities, Radio Ethiopia reported Saturday.
Gidada Friday walked out of the ongoing regular conference of the Ethiopian peoples' revolutionary democratic front (EPRDF) due to pressure imposed on at the meeting, it said.
Negasso is central committee member of both the Ormo people's democratic organisation (OPDO), and the executive committee of the EPRDF.
The radio said Negasso walked after verbally renouncing his membership of the council for what he said "was due to pressure imposed on him at the conference".
Majority OPDO members at the conference refuted arguments by Negasso that the organisation was clean of corruption.
They vehemently reacted that high level corruption was the basic problem in the organisation.
The regular conference of the central committee of the ruling EPRDF, which began 18 June, Friday concluded its assessment of the Ethiopia's economic programme.

23 june 2001 12:39:00

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