Ethiopia: Mugabe exits AU Chairmanship, raps UN Security Council

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - In his farewell speech at the African Union Simmit here on Saturday, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe vowed to stay on as President “until God says come”, electrifying the usually-dull moments at the Summit, which premiered a new style of conducting its affairs.

President Mugabe criticized the West for continually dictating the affairs of the UN Security Council and insisting to the African heads of state that “you shall never be there” in reference to the failure by the UN to move ahead with the reform of the world body, allowing Africa permanent seats.

“You are a good man; after all, you are not from there. We know where you come from,” President Mugabe told the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon during the opening of the AU Summit.

Ban warned the African leaders gathered in Addis Ababa for the 26th session of the AU not to use “legal loopholes” to cling to power.

“Leaders should never use undemocratic constitutional changes and legal loopholes to cling to power. We have all seen the tragic consequences when they do. Leaders must protect their people, not themselves. I commend those leaders who committed to stepping aside and respect the constitutional term limits,” Ban told the African leaders.

President Mugabe said the efficiency of the African voice at the UN was severely diminished by the lack of proper representation at the UN Security Council.

“We are artificial members, not real members. How can a handful of people, the Americans and Europeans, insist on what we must do. They harass us even in our own independent countries. They are insisting that Mugabe must leave,” President Mugabe said.

President Mugabe said the African countries will continue to speak with one voice.

He said a consensus agreement struck in Swaziland, saw African leaders agree on two permanent seats at the Security Council. However, he said the African leaders were still treated as “ghosts, slaves and denied their right to equal representation at the UN.

“You have done a good job. You have worked with us to eradicate Ebola, fighting terrorism and visiting our countries whenever there was a crisis. We thank you for your distinguished service,” the Zimbabwean leader said before handing over power to President Idriss Deby of Chad.

In his speech outlining progress made during his Chairmanship, President Mugabe said there was progress towards achieving the AU’s broad goals of achieving the objective of silencing the guns in Africa.

As a result of this, the African Standby Force (ASF) has successfully conducted its military exercise, AMANI II, in readiness for its future deployment to keep peace.

President Mugabe also said the 10-year implementation plan of the AU’s broad blueprint, the Agenda 2063, is ready for implementation. He said the financing plan for the new economic blueprint still remained and a financing and resource-mobilisation strategy was still required.

AU Commission Secretary-General Djeneba Diarra, said the Mugabe Presidency “served the AU well” because as Chairman, he was not serving a personal agenda, but an agenda of the AU.

President Mugabe outlined the plan of achieving the AU’s plan of fully-financing its US$446 million budget over the next five years and reaching 75% of the peacekeeping budget funded locally.
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