Ethiopia: German Chancellor to launch AU peacekeeping complex

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel is due in Addis Ababa to preside over the handover of US$30 million peace and security complex built for the African Union (AU), the AU Commission has said.

The newly named Julius Nyerere Peace and Security Building will be officially inaugurated on Tuesday to become the headquarters of the AU Peace and Security Department, the AU said on Friday. The department is currently running a number of initiatives to ensure the continent shakes off its bullet-riddled imagery.

The new building houses the revamped headquarters of the AU’s Continental Early Warning system. This is a new system being styled up to enable the AU to gather all the necessary data on developments around the continent and to predict potential conflicts before they spiral out of control.

“This landmark project depicts the close cooperation that exists between the AU and Germany and goes a long way in enhancing the AU’s capacity to meet the challenges of peace and security on the continent,” the AU said in a media statement.

The early warning system is being billed as a buffer zone that would enable the AU’s Peace and Security Council to act in time to avert conflicts and potential hotspots from deteriorating.

Sources have told PANA due to the sensitive nature of peace and security operations, the AU has been keeping the peace and security department personnel away from the rest of the staff to enable them to perform their confidential functions.

The AU is currently overseeing peacekeeping operations in Somalia under the banner of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and was instrumental in initiating the peacekeeping operation in Darfur, Sudan’s western region, where a group known as the Janjaweed, was carrying out attacks.
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