Ethiopia: ECOWAS military depot to boost rapid response to conflicts - VP

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - The military depot being built by ECOWAS in Sierra Leone will boost the region's rapid military response to conflicts, ECOWAS Commission Vice President Toga McIntosh said here Thursday.

"We are constructing a depot in Sierra Leone to enable us to respond more rapidly to threats. We will not have to wait for one or two weeks for the arrival of military equipment," Toga told a news conference.

McIntosh, who led the ECOWAS Day celebrations in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopia capital and seat of the African Union, said the Abuja-based body had never failed to respond to crises in the region.

"We developed our military capacity for rapid deployment based on our previous military experience. We came up with treaties to deal with that issue after our experience in Liberia," he said.

The first phase of the depot, which is being built in Lungi, is complete.

The ECOWAS Commission Vice President said the military equipment left behind by the US, including trucks and other hardware, have been handed over to ECOWAS and will form the core of the depot.
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