Ethiopia: AU asks member states to assist Gambia's security sector reform

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - Gambia needs personnel support from the African Union Commission (AUC) and AU member states for reforming its security sector and the newly initiated process of transitional justice, according to the AU Peace and Security Council.

At its recent session in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the Council requested the Commission and member states to immediately second five staff officers, at their own costs, to support the reorganization of the Gambian Armed Forces.

In addition, the Council has requested the Commission to deploy three human rights experts, a senior rule of law adviser and other experts to assist Gambia in the process of transitional justice.

According to a communiqué released Wednesday, after its 694th meeting, the PSC has recommended the establishment of a Ministerial Committee on Post Conflict Reconstruction and Development (PCRD) in Gambia and requested the Commission to dispatch a ministerial delegation to Banjul to better understand the exact  nature of the required support expected from Africa and the international community, as well as  to reassure the Gambian people of the AU solidarity.

During the session, the PSC considered the Report of the AU Technical and Multi-Disciplinary Needs Assessment Mission to the Republic of The Gambia and commended former Burundi President Pierre Buyoya and all members of the Assessment Mission for submitting a detailed report to the Council.

The Council stressed the importance of an all-inclusive national dialogue, as the only viable approach to foster national reconciliation and social cohesion in Gambia.

Also, the Council underlined the importance of participation of all Gambians, including those in the Diaspora, the private sector, women and youth in all efforts aimed at stabilizing the country and creating conducive conditions for economic recovery.

It emphasized gender mainstreaming and empowerment of women in Gambia’s current transformation process, commending the National Gender Policy of Gambia and called on the Commission to support the revamping of the institutions that were created under the policy.

The Council further called on the AU, in coordination with ECOWAS, to provide policy guidance support to the Gambian authorities on the identified priority areas of national dialogue and reconciliation, security sector reform, and socio-economic transformation.

According to the communiqué, the PSC stated the AU commitment to support the Government of The Gambia in its engagement with international creditors for immediate debt relief and to help in mobilizing required resources for the identified critical areas.
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