Ethiopia: AU Summit gives rousing welcome to new UN Secretary-General

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - The African Union Heads of State Assembly gave a rousing welcome to the new UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday, describing him as a “man of action” and expressed hope his leadership would facilitate the AU’s request for a permanent Security Council seat.

During an AU Summit also attended by the leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation Mahmoud Abba, the AU leaders expressed the hope that the long delayed reform of the UN, which has been on the AU agenda for close to nine years, would be completed with a permanent seat for Africa.

Abbas asked the UN Chief to ensure the AU gets a permanent seat at the UN Security Council. The Palestinian leader hailed African countries, Senegal, Egypt and Angola, for their vote at the UN Security Council.

“We are welcoming a man of action and great conviction. Africa relies on you to correct the weak and low level of representation of Africa at the UN. We congratulate you for placing the issue of Africa’s peace and security at the top of your agenda,” said President Alpha Conde, the new AU Chairman.

African leaders have gathered for a debate on the promise of the youth and how its leaders can use the available means and mechanisms to empower them to become more economically productive.

The African leaders took the opportunity to blast US President Donald Trump for ending the refugee status of Africans living in the US and urged all countries affected by the measures to act jointly.

President Conde said the arrival of the UN Chief in Addis Ababa at a time of the discussions over the status of the youth and how to avoid the ‘suicidal crossing' of the youth across the Mediterranean sea would help to justify the suitability of the AU as a people-centred organization.

“We should show greater creativity to handling the youth issue otherwise we would become victims of this social bomb,” President Conde told the Summit.

The UN Secretary-General praised the AU member states for being the top troop contributing countries to UN peacekeeping missions around the world.
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