Equatorial Guinea President calls for unity, solidarity among Africans (corrected)

Malabo, Equatorial Guinea (PANA) – The head of state of Equatorial Guinea and current chairman of the African Union (AU), Obiang Nguema Basogo, exhorted his African peers Thursday in Malabo to display greater unity and solidarity when taking important decisions on issues affecting the continent.

Presiding over the 17th AU ordinary summit, he called on African leaders to have faith in their principles and common historical past despite the heterogeneous composition of their cultures.

“Africa must present itself as more unified when taking decisions on important problems occurring in the continent," President Nguema affirmed.  

"It (the summit) is being held at a critical moment for Africa, a situation which puts our unity and cohesion to the test, just as it does for the solidarity of our States and leadership of their leaders," he said.

President Nguema declared that he was aware that African countries and governments are very often «exposed to the pressures of interests created by other countries and extra-African personal ambitions related to our differences which often undermine the capacity of the AU to efficiently resolve the problems facing our continent”.

In the same vein, he deplored the fact that the last decisions adopted by the last summit in January 2011, in terms of conflict resolution, "have remained a dead letter and were completely forgotten".

"To that end, Africa was and indeed is being replaced by extra-African agents in the resolution of the problems affecting the continent, without any intention of dialoguing to recognise and measure Africa's spirit and willingness," he added.

The President of Equatorial Guinea lashed out against "imposition policies which translate into supposedly humanitarian interventions which are currently causing a massive scourge to mankind, with several victims including children, women, displaced persons and unjustified destruction of infrastructure”.
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