Endangered Gorillas return to Cameroon

Douala- Cameroon (PANA) -- Four Cameroonian gorillas, nicknamed 'Taiping Four', that were fraudulently taken to Malaysia in 2002 and later transferred to South Africa, were due to return to Cameroon Friday (today).
They would be received at Douala Airport during a ceremony to be chaired by the Cameroonian Minister of Forestry and Fauna, Elvis Gollé Ngollé.
The four gorillas, classified among the protected species, would be transferred Saturday to the zoological gardens of Limbé in the country's South-west province, where a conducive environment has been found for them.
"The return of those gorillas (to) their country of origin was made possible by the fact that both South Africa and Cameroon are signatories (to) the international convention on Wildlife and flora protection," the Minister said.
Ngollé emphasized that the repatriation of the four gorillas was the fruit of lengthy negotiations between the governments of South Africa, Cameroon and Malaysia.

30 november 2007 14:33:00

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