Eleven Ethiopian soldiers defect to Kenya

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- Eleven Ethiopian army officers have defected to Kenya.
They fled following the recent killing of the country's head of national security in Addis Ababa, the daily Nation reported Wednesday.
In a lead story, the daily said the officers, whose ranks are yet to be established, defected Tuesday and are being held by the Kenya Military Intelligence Corps for debriefing at Oda Camp, in the Kenyan border post of Moyale.
It was not immediately known what had provoked the defection but increasing discontent among the officers was cited.
It is understood the officers are seeking political asylum in Kenya.
Intelligence and other sources in Moyale confirmed the presence of the officers and added they were whisked from the Ethiopian border, about nine kilometres from Oda Camp, to capital Nairobi Wednesday morning.
The head of Ethiopia's security forces, Kenfe Gabremedir, was killed two weeks ago by an army major in what is believed to be a looming revolt by the country's armed forces.
Ethiopian authorities last month arrested hundreds of opposition members and students after riots in which 41 people died.
Their protests were directed at the government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

06 june 2001 18:01:00

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