El-Bashir backs timely independence vote for South Sudan

Khartoum- Sudan (PANA) -- Sudanese President Omer El-Bashir said his government w ould ensure that the 9 January, 2011, vote to determine whether South Sudan woul d declare independence is conducted on time.
The Sudanese leader, who met representatives of the UN envoy to Sudan, Haile Men kerios, also announced that members of the commission set up to run the independ e nce vote were due to travel to Juba, the regional capital of Southern Sudan, to h old talks on some outstanding issues regarding the independence vote.
The Sudanese President reaffirmed that the referendum would be held on schedule and that the government was keen to succeed in all its plans, according to a sta t ement issued by the government Friday.
President El-Bashir met the UN officials to discuss some of the pending issues r egarding the full implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA), aimed a t restoring peace, political stability and democracy in Sudan.
Under the CPA, Sudan held its first major credible presidential election in Apri l, which was won by the incumbent El-Bashir.
Menkerios said in a statement after the meeting that all members of the Commissi on for Referendum would leave Monday for Juba for more consultations and discuss i ons to over-ride whatever impediments that may come up.

20 august 2010 19:19:00

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