Egypt: Libyan FM declares 'War against Daech should be now'

Cairo, Egypt (PANA) – The fight against Daech can no longer for until the formation of a coalition government in Libya as the terrorist organization continues to perpetrate massacre in the city of Sirte, the Libyan Minister of foreign affairs, Mohamed al-Dairi, said on Tuesday.

"Can we wait for two or four months for a national unity government and let the massacre perpetrated by Daech continue?" he asked during his speech to an emergency meeting of the Arab League at which he reaffirmed Libya's request to Arab States to carry out air strikes on the Daech strongholds in Sirte.

He said the request followed the inability of the Libyan air force to deal with Daech because of the international arms embargo on Libya.

The minister said what is happening in Nigeria in terms of terrorist acts perpetrated by Boko Haram was like what is happening in Libya.

According to him, Daech is threatening all Libya's neighbourhing countries, particularly Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and Sudan, as well as Europe.

Experts believe that the emergency meeting of the Arab League will respond positively to the Libyan request as well as work towards lifting the arms embargo on Libya.
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18 august 2015 13:45:36

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