Egypt: Arab League urges member states to refrain from interference in Libyan affairs

Cairo, Egypt (PANA) - Following the extraordinary meeting of its foreign ministers on Saturday in Cairo, Egypt,  the Council of the Arab League has urged its member states not to interfere in the internal affairs of Libya, including "the supply of arms to armed groups" and "not to use the media to incite violence and trying to undermine the political process" in the country.

In a final declaration, the Council emphasized the need to fight against terrorism decisively, and support for the Libyan army in the fight against all terrorist organizations, including organizations such as Daech (Islamic State), Al -Qaeda, Ansar asharia and other groups designated by the UN as terrorist organizations.

The Council also called for urgent assistance to Libya to activate and rehabilitate its security institutions, military and civilian, and provide expertise and tools in the areas determined by the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord so that it could meet its pressing national responsibilities.

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29 mai 2016 11:01:45

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