Egypt: Arab League chief appeals for decisive action against terrorism in Libya

Cairo, Egypt (PANA) – Arab League Secretary General Nabil Al-Arabi has appealed for crucial decisions against terrorism in Libya and full support to the country's legitimate Chamber of Representatives (Parliament) and the government formed from it.

Speaking Monday in Cairo at the opening of an emergency meeting of the Arab League on the Libyan crisis, Al-Arabi also urged support to Libya's national dialogue within the efforts being made by UN Special Envoy Bernardino Leon.

"The League expresses its serious concern and the attention it pays to what is happening in Libya since 2011, underlining its availability to provide all assistance that could help the Libyan people," he said.

On the current situation in Libya, Al-Arabi described the attack against the seat of the Libyan Parliament in the eastern city of Tobruk, the bombardment of oil installations in the Oil Crescent region and the abduction of 13 Egyptians in Sirte as “acts of terrorism with negative effects on stability in Libya and in neighbouring countries”.

Rejecting foreign intervention in Libya, he said that the Arab League has reaffirmed its previous resolutions, stating that the solution to the Libyan crisis "is at the national scale".

Al-Arabi announced that a high-level meeting will be held with the Speaker of the Libyan Chamber of Representative, Aguila Saleh Gueider, at the conclusion of the Arab League  conference.

The emergency meeting of the Arab League was held at the request by Libya’s representative, Ambassador Achour Bou Rached, to discuss the recent escalation of violence in Libya.

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05 january 2015 18:06:26

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