Ebola virus continues to cause havoc in Congo

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- Five people infected by the Ebola virus died in the Western Basin region of Congo-Brazzaville on the border with Gabon, an official source confirmed.
The minister of communication, François Ibovi also told a press conference Wednesday in Brazzaville that six infected persons are under quarantine for treatment.
He added that a total of 150 persons had reported contacts with Ebola patients.
Ibovi said several primates have died from Ebola in forest areas, and expressed concern about the impact of the virus on general elections scheduled for 2002 in Congo.
"The situation is tragic, but we will take all the necessary measures to control it," he said.
Meanwhile, Ibovi said a sanitary cordon has been placed around the regions affected by the virus, which has also killed several persons in neighbouring Gabon.

27 december 2001 12:48:00

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