Ebola takes toll in north Congo

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- Ebola fever has killed four persons and attacked 11 others in the region of Cuvette-Ouest, north Congo-Brazzaville, official sources confirmed Friday in Brazzaville after WHO reported toll on Thursday.
"The analyses carried out by WHO confirmed that Ebola virus was circulating in the district of Bomo, specifically in the villages of Kekele, Boma and Olloba near Congo's border with Gabon.
"We have already recorded 11 cases of infection and 4 dead," Dr Stanislas Ebata-Mongo, director of the struggle against the disease at the Congolese health ministry, told journalists.
Ebola first appeared in the region of Makakou, south-east of Gabon, at the border with Congo-Brazzaville where it rapidly spread due to movements of populations between both countries.
Gabonese Gina Esseyi, whose husband was killed by Ebola, went visited the Mbomo area where she was treated.
"The lady is in convalescence and she was taken back to Gabon.
" Ebata-Mongo reported.
Meanwhile, some 124 persons who had been in contact with sick persons have been diagnosed and those found to have the fever or symptoms of the disease have been quarantined, the doctor said.
Ebola is spread through contacts with the urine, blood, saliva, or sweat of affect persons and through physical with patients.
Ebola epidemic is being reported for the first time in Congo.
Congo, has meantime, appealed for help from the international community to contain the killer fever.

21 december 2001 21:41:00

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