Ebola haemorrhagic fever kills nine in northern Congo

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- Ebola haemorrhagic fever has killed nine people over the past week in Mbomo district more than 800-km north of Brazzaville, according to latest statistics issued Friday by the Congolese ministry of health and population.
Two more patients have died since Wednesday, the ministry said, adding that the victims had eaten the meat of a dead wild pig Collected by hunters.
"Nine people have so far died in Mbombo" on the border with Gabon, the Congolese health minister Alain Moka announced at the end of a meeting devoted to the resurgence of by the epidemic in West Cuvette region.
"We are yet to get biological certification but we are practically certain due to clinical symptoms that the disease is haemorrhagic fever caused by Ebola virus," Moka affirmed.
According to the minister, the lone survivor is a young college student who refused to touch the wile animal's meat.
"Health teams are already working on the ground and we have sent 14 more personnel including doctors, high-level laboratory technicians and epidemiologists," Moka explained.
"These health teams got their experience during the two previous epidemics, while nurses are quite familiar with the area," the minister added.
Moka reiterated his appeal to the population in West Cuvette and Sangha districts to avoid eating meat from dead primates found in the forests.
"I am referring to the hunters who dared to collect the dead animal from the forest in spite of the warnings given during previous epidemics," he noted.
"I urge you to avoid eating meat from hunted animals especially that of dead animals because you are not sure what killed it.
Don't try to eat such meat otherwise you will endanger the entire community or villages," the minister stated.
An epidemic of Ebola haemorrhagic fever killed more than 130 patients in Kalle and Mbomo districts of West Cuvette region between January and May this year.

08 november 2003 09:12:00

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