Ebola death toll rises to 94 in north-west Congo

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- The Ebola virus outbreak, which has been rife since 4 January in the department of West Cuvette in northern Congo, has now claimed 94 lives, according to health officials Friday in Brazzaville.
The officials from the Congolese Health and Population Ministry recalled that the district of Kelle was the most hit by the disease, with more than 80 deaths so far.
The ministry noted that a similar epidemic killed four people in 2001-2002.
Meanwhile, an administrative official in Mbon District, Jean Bruno Bora, said he has taken measures aimed at protecting his people from the deadly virus that seriously threatens the districts of Mbomo and Kelle West Cuvette Region.
The protective measures include the need to avoid contact with people from the area and primates (chimpanzees and gorillas) that are vector or carrier agents of the disease, and not to touch or eat any wild meat.
In addition to the measures, Bora has set up a supervisory committee against the disease composed of male nurses, heads of villages' committees, experts, teachers and leaders of religious groups, he said.

08 march 2003 13:33:00

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