Ebola death toll rises to 13 in Congo Brazzaville

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- The Ebola haemorrhagic fever, which hit Congo Brazzaville's Western Basin region, on the country's border with Gabon, has claimed at least 13 lives, a Health Ministry official said Tuesday in Brazzaville.
Stanislas Ebata-Mongo, Director of the Ebola Control Department in the Health Ministry, told a meeting that most of the victims were peasant farmers from the Oloba village in Mbomo District, near the Gabonese border.
He said four of the 13 victims were Gabonese, adding that several other suspicious cases had been detected and quarantined.
Congolese health official also revealed that the six "suspicious deaths," were reported last week at Ombomi and Ombondza villages in the Kelle District, 700-km north-west of Brazzaville.
The victims, from the same family, reportedly died after eating the meat of a monkey.
WHO Representative in the country, Lamine Cisse Sarr, said the victims presented Ebola symptoms, but the real cause of death was inconclusive.
The latest cases noticed three weeks ago, followed last November's Ebola epidemic in northern Congo.

05 february 2002 20:08:00

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