Ebola claims 100 lives in Congo

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- Some 100 persons out of the 140 cases diagnosed have died of Ebola fever in Kelle and Mbomo districts in the north-west of Congo, Radio Congo said Monday in Brazzaville.
The disease is also taking its toll among primates, killing 600 of the more than 800 gorillas living in the sanctuary of Lossi, the radio reported.
It said primates at the Odzala Park, a prime gorilla reserve of the Central African savannah, face the same problem.
Ebola experts, who met recently in the Congolese capital, have advised prevention as the only means to stop the spread of the deadly disease.
Experts are expected to convene in Washington March end to discuss the latest Ebola outbreak.

10 march 2003 20:37:00

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