EU election observers withdraw from Darfur

Brussels- Belgium (PANA) -- The European Union (EU) Election Observation Mission has withdrawn from Darfur, the western province of Sudan, after "noting the impo s sibility of fulfilling its task in the region," an EU source said.
According to the source, one part of the mission in El Fasher, the Darfur capita l, had to leave the city Wednesday because it was impossible for them to carry o u t their job "perfectly", stressing that access to some areas of the region are l i mited, even impossible.
The source stated that the credibility of the elections could be questioned beca use of the boycott by some opposition parties.
Composed of 130 observers, the EU election observation mission was scheduled to monitor the presidential, legislative and regional elections in the country.

09 april 2010 17:41:00

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