EU congratulates AU for setting up security body

Brussels- Belgium (PANA) -- The European Union (EU) has congratulated the African Union (AU) on the "considerable progress made in attaining its objectives and by implementing its programmes and activities," an official source in the Belgian capital has said.
In a statement, the EU commended the creation of the African Union's Peace and Security Council, hailing this "significant progress in the establishment of a continental architecture for peace and security.
" "The launching of an African Peace and Security Council and the adoption of its rules of procedure, as well as the progress realised concerning the African reserve forces and an early warning system for the detection of conflicts, significantly contribute to the strengthening of Africa's capacities in conflict prevention and resolution," the EU statement said.
The EU further underscored the positive efforts carried out by African countries in consolidating democratic principles, good governance and the respect of the rule of law.
Moreover, the 25-nation Union reaffirmed its commitment to work for the strengthening of cooperation relations with its African counterpart, notably in the field of peace and security.
Recently the European Union approved the funding of the AU monitoring operations in the Sudanese strife-stricken province of Darfur.
According to the statement, propping up the institutional and operational development of African organs and bodies would remain an important priority in the EU-Africa cooperation.
The EU, which reaffirmed the importance of Euro-African dialogue and strategic relations, is currently working on organising the second EU-Africa Summit to be held in Lisbon soon, the statement added.

07 july 2004 15:00:00

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