EU Special Envoy to the Great Lakes meets Kabila

Kinshasa- DR Congo (PANA) -- The EU special envoy to the Great Lakes Region, Aldo Ajello, said he discussed at the weekend with President Joseph Kabila, the peace process in DR Congo as well as the situations in Rwanda and Burundi.
Ajello said he also informed Kabila of his forthcoming tour of Eastern Congo.
The envoy said he and the Congolese leader discussed the withdrawal of foreign troops from the Congo, the disarming of combatants, the commencement of the Inter-Congolese dialogue and the repatriation of Rwandan Hutus.
Ajello said "the situation is moving slowly," but would have wished that "things move a little quicker".
"We believe it is important to disarm those who are already stationed in camps and to neutralise those who keep fighting in the eastern part of DR Congo or to give them a chance to choose between going back to Rwanda and looking for a land of asylum.
"Once this problem is solved, things are going to move faster," he added.
The Inter-Congolese dialogue begins mid-October in Addis Ababa.

02 october 2001 00:00:00

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