EU Parliament flays Khartoum over Darfur crisis

Brussels- Belgium (PANA) -- The European Parliament adopted a resolution Wednesday denouncing Khartoum's "systematic" obstruction of humanitarian assistance to people in the restive western Sudanese region of Darfur, according to a statement issued here.
In the resolution, the European MPs expressed concern about the "critical" situation in Darfur, where civilians are targeted in raids launched by Janjaweed militias.
The resolution noted that in one attack last 27 February, some 30 villages were razed down, more than 200 people killed and more than 200 women and girls raped and abducted.
It cited a UN humanitarian coordinator who described the situation in Darfur as the worst humanitarian crisis ever recorded in the world.
At least one million people have been affected by the violence, which has led to the displacement of 700,000 people, 110,000 of whom fled to neighbouring Chad.
Humanitarian organisations insist Khartoum was an accomplice to atrocities committed by the Janjaweed militias.
In its resolution, the European Parliament enjoined the warring parties to abstain from enlisting children.
It commended progress in negotiations between the Khartoum government and the Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement/Army (SPLA) towards ending the bigger and longer conflict in southern Sudan, which has claimed about 2 million lives and displaced 4 million people.
It further urged the European Commission to release the necessary financial aid under the European Development Fund (EDF) to ensure the transition from humanitarian to development aid in southern Sudan.
Wednesday's resolution followed a report by an EU parliamentary delegation that visited Sudan last 19-24 February.

01 april 2004 21:56:00

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