ECOWAS malaria elimination campaign moves to Ghana

Lagos, Nigeria (PANA) - The regional war against malaria being waged by ECOWAS and partners, through the biolarvicide programme, moves to Ghana this week with a ground-breaking ceremony Tuesday for the construction of a factory in the capital city of Accra for the production of the substance.

Ahead of the ceremony, a tripartite experts working group meeting was held in Accra by ECOWAS, Cuba and Venezuela on Monday (5Aug), to discuss, among others, the feasibility study, cost build up and investment architecture of the project as well as the forthcoming 4th High-Level partners meeting in Venezuela.

The biolarvicide programme, which is being held within the framework of the Campaign for the Elimination of Malaria in West Africa by 2015, will bring together health experts from within and outside the ECOWAS region.  

The President of Ghana, the country’s Health Minister as well as the President of the ECOWAS Commission are among important dignitaries expected to grace the event.

The Accra factory is one of the three being constructed in the region under a tripartite agreement involving ECOWAS, Cuba and Venezuela.

The ground-breaking ceremonies for the other two have been held in Cote d’Ivoire and Port Harcourt, Nigeria.  

The regional campaign seeks to free the region from the malaria scourge that kills thousands of people in Africa every year and costs the continent more than US$12 billion annually.

Under the regional campaign focused on the strengthening of the vector control component, recognised internationally as the only intervention that can reduce malaria transmission from high level to zero, Cuba and Venezuela are providing the financial support, technical know-how and technology transfer to make readily available in the region, biolarvicide, the substance that destroys mosquitoes, the malaria vectors, in their larvae stage of development.

This is with the purpose of bolstering the elimination campaign through massive larviciding/spraining across the region. Similar
campaigns have yielded resounding successes in Latin America and other parts of the world.

PANA quotes the ECOWAS Commission as saying that West Africa bears the heaviest burden of malaria in Africa, with the disease stunting the economic development of the region and the continent as a whole.
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