ECOWAS Investment Bank opens January 2003

Lomé- Togo (PANA) -- ECOWAS Investment and Development Bank will open for business on the first working day of January 2003, the bank's president Christian Adovelande has announced.
Adovelande told PANA in an interview that the bank would mobilise internal and external resources and provide advisory service regarding investment financing in the Economic Community of West African States.
"It will have to present itself as the first regional investment financing and development group in West Africa.
"It should be a powerful group for private sector promotion and development in the region,an instrument for fighting poverty, creating wealth and promoting employment," he said.
The bank will undertake funding operations aimed at promoting the private sector and the merchant public sector in such areas as transport, water and electricity supply, with a view to regional integration.

09 september 2002 23:01:00

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