ECOWAS gives Nigeria US$382,000 to aid flood victims

Lagos, Nigeria (PANA) - The ECOWAS Commission has presented a cheque for US$382,000 to the Nigeria government to assist the victims of the recent flood disaster, which the country's authorities estimated to have claimed 363 lives and affected another 7.7 million, 2.1 million of whom have been displaced from their homes.

Commission President Kadre Ouedraogo presented the cheque to Nigeria’s Foreign Minister Olugbenga Ashiru, at a ceremony in the Ministry in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, according to a statement from the Commission Tuesday.

“While I know that there is no volume of assistance that can bring back lives, we wish to express our solidarity and compassion,” President Ouedraogo said.

He said providing assistance to alleviate the sufferings of ECOWAS citizens affected by humanitarian challenge “is a core mandate” of the Commission.

The President further explained that the Commission has been developing appropriate tools and instruments such as the ECOWAS Emergency Response Team (EERT) and the National Humanitarian Platforms for disaster management for Member States that lack the capacities.

The organisation has also developed the Disaster Reduction (DRR) Policy which provides guidance on prevention, mitigation and management of natural disasters in the region.

In his response, Minister Ashiru thanked the Commission for the gesture, which he described as “a true demonstration of the fact that, we are our brothers’ keepers, in the true spirit of our African tradition where the misfortune of one becomes the shared misfortune of the community as a whole.”

He said the donation would go a long way in bolstering the measures being taken by the federal and state governments to ameliorate the suffering of the flood victims.
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