ECOWAS election observer mission gets database

Abuja, Nigeria (PANA) -  The Electoral Assistance Division of the ECOWAS Commission has been presented with a database that will house records of all professionals in the region in the areas of Election monitoring and evaluation.

A press statement from the Commission here Wednesday indicated that the database was made avilable to the Commission on 17th April, 2013, in Abuja, the Nigerian capital.

It said that the database, developed with the assistance of GIZ, the German Agency for Technical Cooperation, will help harmonize the record process making the selection process more transparent, impartial and  geographically balanced while eliminating human intervention.

In implementing its mandate, the Electoral Assistance Division has over the years assisted Member States in strengthening their capacities in Election monitoring and evaluation for the efficient management of electoral process to enable them conform with best practices.

The division uses Election Observation Missions (EOM) as a mechanism for ensuring that Member States conducting elections do so under the principles enshrined in the 2001 ECOWAS Supplementary Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance and the 2008 ECOWAS Conflict Prevention Framework (ECPF).

In the spirit of these instruments, the Commission has established relevant initiatives to assist Member States technically and financially in the preparation of credible and transparent elections.

Electoral Assistance to Members States is therefore a vital part of the ECOWAS approach to the promotion of Democracy, good governance, Human Right protection and the Rule of Law since elections are an essential component of a functioning democracy which foster peace and development in the region, it said.

Professionals within the ECOWAS region are required to apply and register online into the
database which will serve as a record and roster for future EOMs.

It is believed that with professional Observers, the EOMs will become more credible and acceptable by all stakeholders.

The database will have a record of potential, new and old observers and it has been developed, taking cognizant of the region’s burgeoning population.

Election Observers are selected based on individual profile, taking into account international and national electoral observation experience and linguistic ability.

Generally, ECOWAS EOMs are deployed for Presidential elections within the Member States, but some legislative and local elections have been monitored by the EOM.

However, the observation of these elections is reserved for cases of specific political reasons on decision from the ECOWAS President.
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