ECOWAS boss proposes cross-border institutions to boost integration

Abuja- Nigeria (PANA) -- ECOWAS Executive Secretary Mohamed Ibn Chambas said in Abuja Wednesday the 15-nation community was proposing the establishment of trans-border institutions to strengthen its integration programme.
   Speaking at the opening of the workshop on cross-border co-operation organised by the Sahel and West Africa Club, Chambas said the proposed institutions would bring border communities closer to themselves through some realistic projects, envisaged to improve their accessibility to modern production lines.
   He commended border communities for advancing regional integration.
   "Activities in some of these border communities, where people inter-marry and trade among themselves without hindrance, have drawn our attention to their potentials in the acceleration of the integration process," the ECOWAS chief observed.
   He said ECOWAS leaders had signed many protocols on free movement of people and goods in the sub-region, but noted: "The reality on the ground is often different from the spirit of the protocols.
"   "The border communities are actually showing us the real way to go about unifying our people and their markets," Chambas added.
   Also speaking at the session, Lawan Gana Guba, Nigeria's Minister for Co-operation and Integration in Africa, said the workshop would adopt concrete proposals to make interaction between local and regional actors more effective within the framework of regional integration.

27 october 2004 22:05:00

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