ECOWAS Police Chiefs to Meet in Abidjan

Lagos- Nigeria (PANA) -- Inspectors-General of Police in ECOWAS member nations are to meet in Abidjan on 23-24 September in an effort to facilitate intra-community cooperation in checking cross-border crime, the ECOWAS Secretariat in Abuja has announced.
The meeting will, among other things, consider a proposal by Ghana for the establishment of a Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Bureau.
"The Criminal and Intelligence Bureau, when established, will enable the sub-region to cope with the increasing sophistication of organised crime in member states," the ECOWAS secretariat said in a statement.
It said special attention would be given to cases related to illicit drug trafficking, terrorism, money laundering, illicit arms running and counterfeiting.
"The proposal envisages the centralisation and sharing of information among the security services of the sub-region in the prevention, investigation and punishment of those engaged in common law crimes, subject to the national laws in each country.
"The information will enable the states to monitor the involvement of criminals, determine those to be placed under surveillance and facilitate the interception of suspected criminals, vehicles and dangerous or banned goods," the statement said Other issues to be examined during the meeting include collaboration in investigation as well as cooperation in areas of scientific and technical police investigation methods.

18 september 2002 12:57:00

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