ECOWAS: Integration ministers tasked on Court of Justice decision implementation

Accra, Nigeria (PANA) - ECOWAS Community Court of Justice President Maria do Ceu Silva Monteiro has asked ministers responsible for regional integration in West Africa to assist the court in facilitating the creation of focal points for the implementation of the court’s decisions in their countries.

“Enforcement is the major challenge because most of the member states have not designated their focal points for the enforcement of the decisions of the court,'' Justice Monteiro said while answering questions from the members of the ECOWAS Council of Ministers on Saturday, during their 74th meeting in Ghana's capital, Accra.

Under Article 24 of the Supplementary Protocol on the Court, member states are responsible for enforcement of the decisions of the court in accordance with their rules of civil procedure.

Specifically, each state is required to ‘’determine”, and communicate to the Court, the ‘competent national authority for the purpose of receipt and processing of the execution of the decisions of the court.

The Court's President said only Nigeria has communicated its national focal point as required under the 2005 supplementary protocol.

She also told the ministers that 16 decisions were delivered by the 14-year-old court in the last five months, comprising 12 judgments and four rulings.

The president also spoke of the value of the implementation of the decisions of the court to integration by helping to create a greater consciousness of the role of the court as an important pillar of the integration project, with the mandate to interpret community instruments and the protection of the human rights of the community citizens.
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