ECOWAS, FAO collaborate on food security

Lagos- Nigeria (PANA) -- The Food and Agriculture Organisation has renewed its commitment to assist member states of ECOWAS in attaining sustainable food security and improving agriculture and rural development programmes.
The ECOWAS Secretariat in Abuja said in a statement that FAO director-general Jacques Diouf made the commitment at a recent meeting in Rome with ECOWAS Executive Secretary, Lansana Kouyate, and his counter-part from the Inter-State Committee on the Fight Against Drought in the Sahel, Musa Mbenga.
It said the meeting was a follow-up to the one held last April in Abuja with Diouf, aimed at strengthening collaboration with the FAO in developing the agricultural and rural sectors in the fight against hunger and poverty.
Discussions focused on the Regional Programme for Food Security for ECOWAS member states, the development of a Regional Information System for Food Security, the problems posed by aquatic weeds in West Africa and regulations on transborder movements of livestock within ECOWAS states.
Both sides acknowledged the importance of the issues discussed, and agreed that the development of the information system would provide an important network for information on food security and vulnerability within ECOWAS.
The officials also agreed to work out modalities of collaboration to address the issues discussed, including FAO's technical support under its Technical Co-operation Programme, the statement added.

01 september 2001 16:39:00

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