Donated blood contaminated by HIV

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- More than 80 percent of blood donated by students and teachers in Kenya's Nyanza Province schools has the HIV virus that causes AIDS, according to health officials.
Nyanza Provincial Commissioner, Peter Raburu, said that despite extensive sensitisation campaigns in the region, the rate at which pupils were contracting the disease was worrying.
He said the Provincial Medical Officer (PMO), Ambrose Misore, has also expressed concern over the high HIV/AIDS prevalence among school-going children.
Raburu criticised head teachers for shying away from informing the local education office on the seriousness of the situation leading to more infections among students.
"Our children are now an endangered species and if something is not done, we might end up losing our future generation," he said.
Raburu attributed the high AIDS prevalence in schools to the influx of pornographic materials and lack of counselling services by parents and teachers.
"Uncontrolled exposure to the Internet, video and other pornographic materials now readily available on our streets is partly responsible for the AIDS infections in our schools and the society as a whole," he observed.
"Most teachers have failed to act as role models leaving students without any guidance," he complained.
Raburu said guiding and counselling services should be intensified in schools and homes to boost the war against the scourge among youths.

05 may 2001 19:23:00

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