Doha Peace agreement implementation progresses

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) - The African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) has said that reconstruction and development of 315 projects, in line with the Darfur Development Strategy, have commenced in Darfur region.

In a press release issued in Al Fashir, North Darfur State, and received by PANA in Khartoum, Tuesday, UNAMID pointed out that the seventh meeting of the Implementation Follow-up Commission (IFC) of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) was held on 16 December in Al Fashir, North Darfur, to discuss progress and challenges in the implementation of the DDPD since the Commission's last meeting in September this year.

UNAMID described the step as "a positive development towards bringing peace dividends to the people of Darfur”.

The Doha peace deal has, among other things, identified underdevelopment and quarrel over resources as one of the main reasons behind the clashes in Darfur, with the Qatari government vowing to provide the necessary funding for development projects, mainly in water, schools, hospitals and roads.

It also said it would rehabilitate areas affected by the war in the region.

According to the press release, the meeting was chaired by the Qatari Deputy Prime Minister, Ahmed Al Mahmoud, and attended by senior Sudanese government regional and federal officials, as well as leaders of rebel groups that signed the document.

Al Mahmoud reiterated the commitment of the State of Qatar to the development of Darfur and its support to early recovery projects for the region.

“It is very important to restore the social fabric, in addition to the political process," he said, noting that one of the factors delaying the implementation of the DDPD is the increased insecurity in Darfur following the surge in tribal conflicts in 2013.

The DDPD, the only peace deal existing at present in the region, is widely backed by AU and Arab league as well as the  United nations and western countries.

Qatari officials have been making dozens of trips to the region since the deal was signing to ensure that progress is made.

The meeting, the press release indicated, was also attended by representatives of the African Union, the European Union, the League of Arab States, Canada, Chad, China, Egypt, France, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The agreement is also aimed at the integration of the Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM) combatants into the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Police as well as their participation in the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration process.

The UNAMID official has highlighted the commencement of 315 reconstruction and development projects, in line with the Darfur Development Strategy as a positive development towards bringing peace dividends to the people of Darfur.

He expressed the hope that when the Justice and Equality Movement-Sudan gets on board, the measure would galvanize the implementation of the DDPD.

Earlier, on 15 December, the facilitators of the Darfur Internal Dialogue and Consultation (DIDC), the State of Qatar, the African Union and UNAMD, met and adopted a strategy and road-map for the conduct of the DIDC as stipulated in the DDPD.
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