Doctors for Life supports AIDS orphans

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- Doctors For Life (DFL) is supporting its first day care centre for AIDS orphans in the Etete area of KwaDukuza, north of Durban.
The day care centre, which supplies meals and basic care to 35 orphans, is presently housed in a small room, which is completely inadequate.
Qinisile Mashobane is administrating the centre.
The latest AIDS statistics estimate that there are 120,000 AIDS orphans in Kwazulu Natal, and this is expected to rise to 750,000 in 10 years.
South Africa has more than 100,000 HIV positive children and it is estimated that one out of every seven children will be an AIDS orphan by 2005.
The population of Etete, a rural area, has about 17,000 people, while almost 100,000 live in the whole of KwaDukuza.
DFL plans to erect facilities to extend the care to accommodate at least the 189 AIDS orphans who have so far been identified in the Etete area.
This would mean new facilities, which would include two classrooms, a kitchen, toilet facilities and a modest residence for the responsible people.
Further potential centres will also be identified.
"We would like to thank the Mayor of KwaDukuza, the Councilor of Etete and the Municipality of KwaDukuza for their support in finding the right place for these facilities which will contribute to our efforts in helping the orphans," said DFL spokesman Anne Hyams.
DFL has been active in AIDS education and care for many years.
DFL has about 700 doctors, specialists and professors of medicine from different medical faculties across South Africa.

13 july 2001 23:07:00

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