Displaced women lose hope in the future

Kinshasa- DR Congo (PANA) -- A study carried out by the National Pedagogic Institute (IPN) has shown that most women displaced by the war in DR Congo have little hope in the future.
The survey reveals that only 18.
7 percent of women were still capable of reviving projects initiated before the war, while 81.
3 percent said they cannot.
Out of a sample of 150 displaced women, all said they had been working on some project before the war broke out.
Most prominent among their activities were travelling (32.
6 percent), trade (16.
7 percent), buying a house (14.
0 percent), studying (12.
7 percent), building a house (7.
3 percent), farming (6.
7 percent), transportation (5.
3 percent) and getting married (4.
7 percent).
They blamed their discouragement on lack of means (36.
9 percent), looting by the rebels (26.
2 percent), the war (15.
4 percent), the situation of the displaced (8.
2 percent) and the birth of an undesired child (3.
2 percent).
At the psychological level, the survey reveals that 72 percent of the women feel they would never overcome the trauma experienced during the war, while only 13.
3 percent said they hoped to get over it with time.
The majority (81.
3 percent) would like to return to their places of origin after the war with the financial assistance from the state (77 percent) or material aid (63 percent), while 8.
7 percent opt to remain in Kinshasa.

05 october 2001 21:47:00

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