Diouf urges Africans to play their role in globalization

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- The secretary-general of the International Francophone O rganization (OIF), Abdou Diouf, on Tuesday urged African presidents to fully pla y their role in globalization, saying â?whether we want it or not, nothing will p revent Africa from globalizingâ?.
The OIF chief was speaking at the opening session of the 36th francophone Parlia mentary Assembly in Dakar, the Senegalese capital.
He said he was pleased about the meeting, which would not only enable them to lo ok into the future of the French language, but also into several other issues.
â?This meeting will enable us to put an end to anachronistic clichأ©s on Africa ,â? said the OIF secretary-general, who stressed that the continent should look at its talent and its promising process as far as democratisation and stability w ere concerned.
The chairman of the international association of francophone parliamentarians (A PF), Yvon Valliأ¨re, who is also the Speaker of Quebec Parliament, said the meet i ng was more than significant for the Francophone Parliament because it was takin g place when Senegal as celebrating its 50th independence anniversary.
â?Far from a withdrawal, this historic stage will be a starting point for the emancipation of the whole continent and which will progressively serve as the ideals for peace, democracy and development,â? Mr Valliأ¨re said.
He expressed confidence that those ambitions, driven by the French language, wil l significantly contribute to the emergence of global organization with linguist i c, political and social purpose.
He also said that francophone parliamentarians had played pioneering role by set ting up the first political collective francophone organization.
â?After 40 years, OIF has reached a more enviable cruising rhythm,â? he said, adding that â?from defence of the French language to cultural diversity through education, sustainable development, new technologies, solidarity or its politica l action, this organization has succeeded in becoming a key element on the intern a tional scene.
â? The francophonie Parliamentary Assembly brings together parliamentarians from 77 Parliaments or inter-parliament organizations spread over five continents.

06 يوليو 2010 22:44:00

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