Diouf pleads for new OIF charter

Antananarivo- Madagascar (PANA) -- International Organisation of the Francophonie (OIF) Secretary General Abdou Diouf Tuesday called on member states to give the organisation a new charter to ensure the completion of its institutional reform.
Addressing the opening session of the 21st Francophonie ministerial Conference (CMF), Diouf said the new charter would allow stakeholders to "strengthen the Francophonie, enhance its dynamism, coherence and visibility.
"Incumbent upon you is the responsibility to pronounce on this reform, enable us to engage into a new phase that would be marked by the sense of innovation, a great concern for rigour and efficiency, the force of our convictions and faith in our values," he told the ministers of 63 OIF member countries and governments.
Diouf recalled that the institutional reform was decided in November 2004 in Ouagadougou, underscoring the quality of the work done to come up with the draft charter proposed to the CMF, which was opened by Malagasy president Marc Ravalomanana.
"Exactly one year ago, our heads of state and governments met and made crucial decisions to give OIF a new impetus.
They first clarified our objectives and priorities by adopting our Ten-year Strategic Framework, which has become a precious tool," former Senegalese president Diouf affirmed.
"In recent months, we have worked arduously and with determination in a remarkable spirit of dialogue, consultation and trust.
We have worked at elaborating a draft reviewed charter which we had the occasion to study at the meeting of the Standing Francophonie Committee," he added.
After being adopted Wednesday by the CPF, the new document to be called "Antananarivo Charter", will consecrate the suppression of the Intergovernmental Agency of the Francophonie (AIF) and make the secretary general "the keystone" of Francophone multilateral cooperation.

22 نوفمبر 2005 13:42:00

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