Diaspora willing to help NICT development in Africa

Paris- France (PANA) -- The African Diaspora is willing to contribute to the development of new information and communication technologies (NICTs) in Africa, Dogad Dogui, chair of Africagora, a group of investors of African origin, said on Wednesday in Paris.
"In the Diaspora, we have expertise in the area of NICTs which we can transfer to African countries through short intensive training courses provided by specialists.
We plan to regularly organise, on a revolving basis, visits to Africa by emigrants with NICT skills," Dogui told PANA.
He added that entrepreneurs and executives in Africagora were working to raise funds for the financing of NICT equipment on the African continent, which he said can easily bridge the gap with the rest of the world in this area.
"In partnership with the Mida project of the Organisation of International Migrations (OIM), we plan to develop band widths in Africa, help acquire new equipment and reduce the gap between urban and rural areas in the field of NICTs.
We also have our own initiatives at Africagora, which will soon be implemented in Africa," Guido promised.
According to him, NICT development requires a cut in Internet connection costs, which are excessively high compared to the purchasing power of local populations.
A pilot project aimed at significantly reducing Internet connection costs in Africa is currently being studied by investors within Africagora, Dogui revealed, calling on Africans to be involved in the sector.
"Thanks to a patent registered by an African, we are going to promote on the continent a technology which will divide by 50 the cost of Internet connection.
Our approach will be based on investments of 50,000 euros from our equity capital," he said.
He rejected the idea of transferring used equipment to Africa, noting that such an approach would not help Africans bridge the technological gap with the other regions of the world.
"I am confident in the development of NICTs in Africa and I will work to mobilise energies to invest in that sector.
In my view, NICTs are the key to the economic development of African states.
Through NICTs, we can solve the other problems of the continent," Dogui concluded.

30 april 2003 23:33:00

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