Delegates at AU summit commend Sirte housing project

Sirte- Libya (PANA) -- Delegates, who are attending the fifth African Union summit and visiting Col.
Kadhafi's native town for the first time, have expressed high admiration for the "700- house" project in Sirte.
This major success is one of many social projects developed by Libyan authorities in all the towns and localities of the country as part of their social and economic development programme.
The project, completed recently, is the major topic of discussions among by journalists and delegates at the summit, who have started arriving in the city at the Gulf of Sirte, between the desert and the sea.
Members of the African Union (AU) secretariat and other guests staying in villas of the project, due to fully booked hotels, have all expressed admiration for the project.
Engineer Salah Abou Ghrara, chairman of the project's Supervision Committee, told PANA that the 700 houses were built in central Sirte following a comprehensive study taking into account the ventilation in order to benefit from the city's temperate climate.
He added that each villa covered 250 sq.
m on a plot of 600 sq.
The project, with a total area of 150 hectares, has a road network and facilities such as electricity, water supply, sanitation, telephone and dozens of public gardens.
The first phase of the project, managed by the company in charge of administrative centres, was used to host delegates at the summit, which marked the birth of the African Union on 9 September 1999.
According to a source at the People's Committee on Services in Sirte, the apartments, currently used in special circumstances to host delegates, will soon be handed over to Libyan citizens, as were previous projects implemented across the country.
Libyan authorities allocate the houses on the basis of the recipient's social and economic conditions.
Libya provides free houses to people with low income, and pays the bulk of the costs for other income groups such as civil servants, who pay a small amount in monthly instalments deducted from their salaries over a period of 25 years.

04 july 2005 11:18:00

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