Delayed meeting on Sierra Leone ends

Lagos- Nigeria (PANA) -- The delayed meeting between officials of the multinational Co-ordination Mechanism on the Sierra Leone peace process and the rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF), ended in Abuja Wednesday evening.
But participants said the adoption of agreements reached at the meeting was deferred by several hours.
Called as part of efforts to find a lasting peace to the Sierra Leone's decade-long civil war, the meeting failed to hold as scheduled Tuesday because the plane sent by the Nigerian government to bring the RUF delegation from Freetown only arrived late Tuesday.
The meeting came two days after the co-ordinating group, comprising officials of the Sierra Leonean government, sub- regional group ECOWAS and the UN, met in the Nigerian capital to review the peace process and forge a common front ahead of Wednesday's meeting with the rebels.
Key issues discussed at Wednesday's meeting included the deployment of UN peacekeepers throughout the country, including areas held by the rebels, as agreed under the cease-fire agreement signed 10 November 2000, by the Freetown government and the RUF, as well as the demobilisation and rehabilitation of fighters.
The meeting also deliberated on the issue of amnesty for RUF leadership, how the Front could become part of the restructured Sierra Leonean Army and the return of UNAMSIL's (UN Mission in Sierra Leone) equipment seized by the rebels.

02 Maio 2001 19:39:00

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